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Results are the key indicators and that’s the point you can count us on.promise made is promise delivered . Buy Armored Vehicle from RAC. We sales high quality armored vehicles.

Armored SUV

Armored SUV

Armored Cars

Armored SUV is Suitable for day to day personal routine. Outer view leaves no clue of armoring mechanisms installed. Choose from wide range of SUVs that match your requirement.

Proven Technology

We constantly strive to make lives safer and better through technology.Implementing technology aided and constantly updated processes.it makes one of the most trusted armored vehicle supplier in Philippines.

Armored Vehicle Sales

Armored Pickup Trucks

Armored Pickup Trucks

Safeguard your business, make it reliable. Spread the word and find more customers. Armoring can be installed based on your region’s legislation standards and your custom specification / requirement.

Winning Terrains

Equipped with terrain climbing capabilities. Conquer soft soil such as muck, swamp, muskeg and snow.
Efficient 4X4 construction methods give mobility with low ground pressure and traction to traverse all types of soils.

360° protection

Armoured from top-to-bottom

bullet proof vehicles
Armored Vehicles protection
Armored Vehicle Sales

We are one of the most trusted vehicle armoring company in Philippines.We are Providing Armoring Vehicles for Sale and focused on manufacturing military-grade armored vehicles, all-terrain SUVs, armor-plated sedans, and special purpose mobile units such as ambulances, Cash-in-Transit units, and heavy trucks.

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