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Armored SUV-image

Armored SUV

Suitable and most opted for day to day personal/ business routine. Exterior view leaves no clue of armoring for any random spectator. Choose yours from wide range of Armored SUV.

Armored Pickup Truck-image

Armored Pickup Truck

Safeguard your business, Make it more reliable. Spread the word and find more customers. Armoring based on your countries legislation standards and your custom specification / requirement.

Cash In Transit Vehices-image

Cash In Transit Vehices

cash in transit vehicles ensures Safe transportation of cash and valuables with 360° surrounded surveillance. Crafted in excellence to meet the custom requirements of personal security agencies, Cash centers & banks; available in petrol and Diesel.

Armored Sedan-image

Armored Sedan

Armored SedanBeing the fact that Sedan cannot hold on Armor / armored components, our production team gears up to be extra cautious over weight ensuring ISO standard process to give you performance matching to that of factory vehicle.

Armored Luxury Vehicles-image

Armored Luxury Vehicles

Let safety indulge into luxury. Adding multiple layers of safety to your vehicle through use of finest armor plates, suspension and brake upgrades leaving no compromise on comfort and excellent vehicle dynamics.

Armored Buses-image

Armored Buses

Armored Bus-Security is something that should never be taken for granted, nor compromised, especially when it comes to protecting the life of people and other valuable assets.

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