Armoring Technology That Saves Lives

Safety is more important than convenience. Cultivate a habit of caution!!”

Security is the one thing that cannot be taken as granted, especially when there is a concern of your family and important assets.

The world would be an awfully completely different place if the utilization of armored vehicles had been a lot of accepted by world leaders within the last century, the course of history altered by assassinations in cars that might are simply avoided.

Armoring is an efficient task involving physics, kinesiology, ballistic science, metallurgy and materials all related to the required protection levels, capacity and tolerances allowable of the vehicle. Armoring technology has begun the new era of safety with the science involved.

Military vehicles are commonly called as armored vehicles. While providing the impact of shrapnel, bullets, missiles, or shells, protect the personnel inside from enemy fire. Such vehicles include armored fighting vehicles like tanks, aircraft, ships etc. Also, civilian vehicles can be armored which includes cars used by reporters, officials and others in conflict zones or where violent crime is common. Armored vehicles are routinely used by security firms to carry money or valuables to reduce the risk of highway robbery or the hijacking of the cargo.

You can also customize your car into armored but the only thing is that your car brand or model should have a heavier chassis than the usual models. UAE is the best where you can manufacture armored vehicles and save life as many as you can. There are a number of armored vehicles manufactures in UAE.

All these companies are responsible for developing highly efficient armored vehicles with high quality. Among all this you can trust upon “Harrow Security Vehicles” – An ultimate dynamic company which produces a wide range of Armored Vehicles and is specialized in Manufacturing both Armored Civilian and Military Vehicle for both Left and Right Hand Drives including 4×4 SUVs, Sedans. Pickups, Cash In Transits, Truck. All design documentation is produced in accordance with strict military-industry-standards and incorporates client specific requirements.