Can my existing car be armored ?

Can my existing car be armored ?

Absolutely, any car brand or model which have a heavier chassis than the usual models can be armored.Some Model Need to be Provided Lower Level armouring than usual depending on the model and weight of the vehicle.the existing car must be capable enough to withstand the armouring; the level of armoring is subject to vehicle model / make.

Considering the threat level, armoring level can be chosen.

The Threaten is important while choosing to armour. someone needed higher level armoring and some client lower level. it depends on some specific area or any other factors.we are providing most B7 level armouring, some country like west Africa ,Russia,Mexico need the highest level armouring, because the criminal rate is high in such countries, so needed protection from high-powered rifles so we would recommend b7 level armouring to such countries.. can send your requirement/query to us via the contact us page, we will examine your requirement, ensure feasibility of the level of armoring in your vehicle and get back to you.

Duration for Armoring on existing car :

We strongly believe that our line of business is a life saver for the end user, hence our production facility is exclusively designed to produce and deliver armored cars on priority and emergency basis. With track records of delivering vehicles in 4 days, we top the duration chart amidst our competitors. However, the duration will depend upon the production queue and workload.

How much will be the cost for vehicle armouring?

The depending on client requirement the cost of the armoured car would vary.the final cost will depend on the level of armouring and a number of customizations requested. We are on of the top vehicle armouring company, offering unparalleled quality and service along with custom engineered solutions to meet the strict demands of our high-profile clients.if you’re looking for a cheap deal, we are the best choice for you.